Saturday, March 8, 2008


Digg is a site where people write articles and other people choose weather they like it or not. If they like the article you wrote your article gets dugg and it becomes more popular therefore increasing traffic.

The cool thing about Digg is that when you write about an article they will link it to your blog, so whenever someone reads your article it will take them to your site. This can increase you site traffic and help get more people to your site.

Another site that I wanna show is TrafficJam. TrafficJam is very similar to Digg except that it is a place where bloggers can post articles and get news on the latest blogs. It is a very good way to get your content out to more readers that are out there.

So check these two sites out as they will help you greatly. If you need help with using them just post a comment and I will be happy to answer it as soon as possible.


Friday, March 7, 2008

How to drive traffic

Want to drive more traffic to your website?. I was looking at some ways to try to get more people to view my blog, because well I want people to read this. I want to share my thoughts with people and let them know what I think of things. Right now I'm just going to point you in the right direction because I do not have as much time as I would like to. So here is a Link to get you started.

When I get some more free time I will go into more detail about this subject but for now just read that post it is very helpful.

Also I'd would like to wish everyone a happy March Break!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Internet Browsers / IE 8

Microsoft recently announced the release of the beta version of Internet Explorer 8. I hope this is good news. I among many other people all know the horror of the earlier versions of Internet Explorer. Hopefully Microsoft has finally fixed all the errors and security issues that plagued the earlier versons. If you have the courage and want to try it out you can download it Internet Explorer 8

Now I realize that the majority of people use Firefox nowadays however, there are still a few people who use the earlier versions of Internet Explorer. I cannot stress this enough. Stop using any earlier versions of IE. Who knows, maybe the new version might turn a few leaves but the older versions are a whole new story.

As for the people that use Firefox it is much more secure and faster. If you guys like you can further enhance Firefox to make it go even faster and work better for you. Here is a link where you can tweak your Firefox to your liking.

I use a totally different browser then Both of these. I use a browser called Opera. Opera I find is very similar to Firefox except that it is more striped down then Firefox. In my own use I find it works faster and starts up quicker then Firefox. Opera also has many unique features in it. My personal favorite is when you close Opera it remembers the pages and tabs you have open. So when you open up Opera again it reloads quickly back to the same pages as if opening blank pages.

I hope Microsoft does a good job with Internet Explorer 8 but if it is just as bad as the earlier versions, at least we got some other reliable browsers to use. If you wanna add something or tell me what browsers you use please comment or email me. Thanks.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What Is Talent?

I got inspired to write this little bit from all the people who always say that they cannot do something simply because they claim that they are not born with the ability to do so. In other words ''talent''. I personally think talent is one of the most often misunderstood things in this world today.

I was watching hockey the other day with my dad and one of the rookie all stars scored a goal. My dad comments on this by saying that these players are amazing. I respond with ''It's because they spend there whole life practicing this, if you practiced hockey your whole entire life you would be good like them too.'' Now, my dads reaction to this comment made me very angry in a sense. He tells me that no, it's something that you are born with. Those are some really inspiring words to hear..

This reaction in a sense did not really surprise me because the average person thinks this way. They think that you need to be blessed and born with this so called ''Talent'' in order to achieve great things in life. This is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard anybody say. When someone is born they are given the same tools everyone else begins with are they not? Theres always the rare case that someone is born with a disability or something but in a sense everyone is born the same way right? So if we all have the same tools to begin with how is it that some others seem to be more ''Talented?'' It's very quite simple actually.

PRACTICE. If you practice something and put your mind to it you can do anything you possibly dream of. If this is real why is it that talent is often referred to as this. It could quite possibly be thought this way because everyone needs an excuse. If talent is something you are born with it gives you a perfect excuse to say why you have not achieved your dreams. Simply because you can't. Simply because you don't believe you can. Simply because you have not pursued your dreams.

People need to realize that the reason the greats of today and yesterday are as good as they are is because they pursue there goals and practice. If you do something enough times you will for sure achieve what you want. Think of a rock star as an example. Why is the rock star so famous? Is it because he was just born with his ability? Was he just born being able to play his instrument? OR is it just because hes played his instrument for 20 years of his life? I'm sure the answer is starting to become more obvious.

This seems like such a common sense thing but its not. There are people who do believe that they cannot do something simply because they have no talent. Talent in my books does not exist. It just makes no sense. Talent if anything is something you obtain in life not before you start it. If anyone says you can't do something it's simply because they have used the excuse that so many other people have before. Don't let anyone tell you that your wrong. If you want to do something in your life all you have to do is believe and persevere. If you do this you will obtain what you want and you will have no excuse. All you have to do is believe.

I hope this Post has opened some people eyes and hears because I used to think this way myself. It was just recently that I found out the truth. I feel this is a subject that really needs to be talked about so if you have some feelings towards this please comment. Even if it's totally against everything I have said here. I want to hear YOUR EXCUSE.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

John Chow Interview

I regularly watch a show on T.V that is called The Lab With Leo. The show is run by Leo Laporte. Some of you might remember the old show called Call For Help. Leo is also one of the hosts on that show but now he has his own show. Both shows are very similar, they talk about all the news in technology and also help solve many problems that people have with modern technology. Leo also regularly has interviews with technology's famous people of today.

I recently watched a show that had a special interview with John Chow. John shows Leo how he monetizes his blog and some hints and tips for blog owners. I happened to come across these videos on youtube just now and thought I might show you them. It's interesting to watch so check them out.

The interview is split into two different videos. The first one can be found Episode1 and Episode 2.

If you more interested you can also check out John's website

The show can be found on G4 Tech T.V. It's a good watch so check it out if you have some free time.

Jeff Healey

Some sad news today. One of my favorite musicians passed away this weekend. He passed away in Toronto at the age of 41. The reason for death is said to be of lung cancer. Not very pretty at all.

If you didn't know his music, he was blind and played his guitar on his lap. His style was Blues, Jazz, and Rock.

I really liked his music and hope that you check it out cause it is really inspiring.
It's going to be sad that he has passed away. Theres more information if you want it here

R.I.P Jeff.

Monday, March 3, 2008


One of my friends recently asked me to do a few reviews on some games, so I decided why not? So in the next little bit I'll do a couple reviews on some modern games. The other reviews will be spread across some time seeing as it does take some time to play them and really get a feel for them. So I'll start off with this one(Bioshock) and every now and then I'll post one.

What type of game is bioshock?

Bioshock is a first person shooter. The game takes play around 1950-1960. I really like the feel of the game. The designers really did a good job at making the game feel as if it really was in this time. Also, I'd like to point out that this game is somewhat of a survival horror type of game. So if you like that kinda thing this is the type of game that you would be interested in.


Bioshock has some nice looking graphics. One of the most beautiful affects to witness is when you are walking and a wave of water hits you. The blur effects are just so amazing. It really gives that realism kind of feel to the game. However, with good graphics comes high requirements. You will definetly need a decent computer of todays standards to play the game. So if your computer is outdated by a few years you might wanna consider getting an upgrade, Or another option is the getting another video card. The game will not run at ALL if your computer does not meet the requirements. If you need more information you can find it out here

Sound/ Music

The sound in the game is alright. The gun shots and all the action is good. I had a bit of a problem with my sound card when i first played the game, but after selecting and unchecking some settings in the options menu it was fixed. The music is whats expecting from the time the game was released. Overall sound is about the average for a game.

Gameplay / Fun Value

The game play is fun. I mean, who doesn't like shooting mutated people and giant robots, its all fun. The rag doll system is good however you may experience the occasional body twitch when the enemys die. The action is pretty intense and quite frequent so its never a dull moment. The game features a wide variety of plasmids which are mutated like powers your character can get. They range from freezing all the way to frying your opponents. It's a feature that really makes this game quite unique. The game also feature many weapons and guns to use that go along with the plasmids so chances are you will find many ways to deal with the bad guys. This is one of Bioshock's Strongest points.


Well I'm not gonna give away the storyline but I can say that the storyline is average. Its not bad ether. It's good enough to play through and offers some good moments. Just don't expect anything to complicated with lots of twists and turns. Although there is a few spots where they might get ya thinking.

Overall Impression

Overall I would recommend this game. It is really fun and if you like your action games this is definitely for you. Just be warned that this game really pushes the hardware department. Your gonna need a really good computer to support this game. If your dated a little back wait until you get a new computer before you decide to try this game out. Overall Good Game!. Buy it if your interested. Get Bioshock!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dell Vostro 1500

Dell Vostro 1500.Heres my first review. I bought this computer a couple of months ago, if I recall correctly. I am using it right now as I type this and it is my main computer I use, seeing as my desktop is horribly outdated.

The price I initially payed for this computer was somewhere around $1500. Now that may seem like a lot but theres a couple reasons for this. FIRST of all I happen to live in Canada and I bought this laptop from the United States. Now for anyone who doesn't know this taxes are expensive!!. Extra $250 just because I was outside U.S. Also, the coupons are only for U.S citizens so I could get no discounts.. So when I bought this Dell Vostro 1500 I was expecting a lot and guess what? I got my moneys worth thats for sure.

The coolest thing about the Dell Website is that it really allows you to customize your computer you are buying so that it is really the right computer for you. The only downside of this is that you may have to do a little research. Once I did that I was astonished. You wouldn't believe how much companys were charging for the same computer I was buying. In some cases $500-$1000 more. You have to really watch out for these things.

I know dell is criticized by many people for there crappy customer care service and all but for me it was really good. The thing that I really liked is that you can go online and actually talk to there representatives and understand them instead of talking to someone who can't speak English on the phone. This was really nice. I think more companys have to do this, It is a very nice feature.

The computer itself is state of the art. It runs fast and boots up everything nice and fast. It starts up in under 1min from pressing the power button. Not bad if i do say so myself. Has all the nice features of Ram, video cards, and processors. These are all configurable though of course on the website.

Now, there are some minor complaints I have about this product. My biggest complaint was the time it actually took for them to get it too me. Now I understand that when I ordered this computer it was new and there was a huge demand for it, But I had to wait 2 weeks before they even began manufacturing it. Now take that and add the extra week once it was shipped.. 3 weeks.Try waiting that long for a brand new computer... it will kill you! My only other complaint was with the coupons and how only U.S citizens can use them but I guess thats understandable to some degree seeing as thats where they come from.

Overall this was a great purchase and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. This thing is a beast. Also, I'd like to mention the fact that if you buy this computer the speakers are amazing. The best I have ever heard on any laptop. It is a must. So if you are shopping for a computer I would recommend you take a look at this one. Take a Look at the Dell Vostro 1500 it will be worth your time.

If you still wanna read a bit more on reviews go to">

They have a more in depth review and offer many deals if you click on the headlines ''Laptop Deals'' and ''Coupons''. It also has a good community in the forum and is a good read for getting other people's opinions. If you'd like to add anything please comment or if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them.

Robin Haney's Blog

Hi my name is Robin Haney and Welcome to my blog. I just got it started up, and I'm still working on a few things here and there but I think it's almost ready.

This blog will mostly just be me rambling on about things like Guides, Technology, People and Blogging. I will also be doing lots of reviews on some products as well. I'll try to contribute daily. However, I have school and work to do also but I'll try to make some time in between to make a few posts here and there.

So come back and read frequently as I'll be updating and posting a lot, so don't miss out.

Bye for now.

Robin Haney.