Thursday, March 6, 2008

Internet Browsers / IE 8

Microsoft recently announced the release of the beta version of Internet Explorer 8. I hope this is good news. I among many other people all know the horror of the earlier versions of Internet Explorer. Hopefully Microsoft has finally fixed all the errors and security issues that plagued the earlier versons. If you have the courage and want to try it out you can download it Internet Explorer 8

Now I realize that the majority of people use Firefox nowadays however, there are still a few people who use the earlier versions of Internet Explorer. I cannot stress this enough. Stop using any earlier versions of IE. Who knows, maybe the new version might turn a few leaves but the older versions are a whole new story.

As for the people that use Firefox it is much more secure and faster. If you guys like you can further enhance Firefox to make it go even faster and work better for you. Here is a link where you can tweak your Firefox to your liking.

I use a totally different browser then Both of these. I use a browser called Opera. Opera I find is very similar to Firefox except that it is more striped down then Firefox. In my own use I find it works faster and starts up quicker then Firefox. Opera also has many unique features in it. My personal favorite is when you close Opera it remembers the pages and tabs you have open. So when you open up Opera again it reloads quickly back to the same pages as if opening blank pages.

I hope Microsoft does a good job with Internet Explorer 8 but if it is just as bad as the earlier versions, at least we got some other reliable browsers to use. If you wanna add something or tell me what browsers you use please comment or email me. Thanks.

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