Tuesday, March 4, 2008

John Chow Interview

I regularly watch a show on T.V that is called The Lab With Leo. The show is run by Leo Laporte. Some of you might remember the old show called Call For Help. Leo is also one of the hosts on that show but now he has his own show. Both shows are very similar, they talk about all the news in technology and also help solve many problems that people have with modern technology. Leo also regularly has interviews with technology's famous people of today.

I recently watched a show that had a special interview with John Chow. John shows Leo how he monetizes his blog and some hints and tips for blog owners. I happened to come across these videos on youtube just now and thought I might show you them. It's interesting to watch so check them out.

The interview is split into two different videos. The first one can be found Episode1 and Episode 2.

If you more interested you can also check out John's website

The show can be found on G4 Tech T.V. It's a good watch so check it out if you have some free time.

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