Monday, March 3, 2008


One of my friends recently asked me to do a few reviews on some games, so I decided why not? So in the next little bit I'll do a couple reviews on some modern games. The other reviews will be spread across some time seeing as it does take some time to play them and really get a feel for them. So I'll start off with this one(Bioshock) and every now and then I'll post one.

What type of game is bioshock?

Bioshock is a first person shooter. The game takes play around 1950-1960. I really like the feel of the game. The designers really did a good job at making the game feel as if it really was in this time. Also, I'd like to point out that this game is somewhat of a survival horror type of game. So if you like that kinda thing this is the type of game that you would be interested in.


Bioshock has some nice looking graphics. One of the most beautiful affects to witness is when you are walking and a wave of water hits you. The blur effects are just so amazing. It really gives that realism kind of feel to the game. However, with good graphics comes high requirements. You will definetly need a decent computer of todays standards to play the game. So if your computer is outdated by a few years you might wanna consider getting an upgrade, Or another option is the getting another video card. The game will not run at ALL if your computer does not meet the requirements. If you need more information you can find it out here

Sound/ Music

The sound in the game is alright. The gun shots and all the action is good. I had a bit of a problem with my sound card when i first played the game, but after selecting and unchecking some settings in the options menu it was fixed. The music is whats expecting from the time the game was released. Overall sound is about the average for a game.

Gameplay / Fun Value

The game play is fun. I mean, who doesn't like shooting mutated people and giant robots, its all fun. The rag doll system is good however you may experience the occasional body twitch when the enemys die. The action is pretty intense and quite frequent so its never a dull moment. The game features a wide variety of plasmids which are mutated like powers your character can get. They range from freezing all the way to frying your opponents. It's a feature that really makes this game quite unique. The game also feature many weapons and guns to use that go along with the plasmids so chances are you will find many ways to deal with the bad guys. This is one of Bioshock's Strongest points.


Well I'm not gonna give away the storyline but I can say that the storyline is average. Its not bad ether. It's good enough to play through and offers some good moments. Just don't expect anything to complicated with lots of twists and turns. Although there is a few spots where they might get ya thinking.

Overall Impression

Overall I would recommend this game. It is really fun and if you like your action games this is definitely for you. Just be warned that this game really pushes the hardware department. Your gonna need a really good computer to support this game. If your dated a little back wait until you get a new computer before you decide to try this game out. Overall Good Game!. Buy it if your interested. Get Bioshock!!


Anonymous said...

I never got into bioshock, I was always the half life type. I heard Bioshock was good though.

Rob said...

Half life is very good. I'll probably do a review of it in the future some time. The main difference between the two I'd say is that Half Life has a far more interactive environment then Bioshock.