Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dell Vostro 1500

Dell Vostro 1500.Heres my first review. I bought this computer a couple of months ago, if I recall correctly. I am using it right now as I type this and it is my main computer I use, seeing as my desktop is horribly outdated.

The price I initially payed for this computer was somewhere around $1500. Now that may seem like a lot but theres a couple reasons for this. FIRST of all I happen to live in Canada and I bought this laptop from the United States. Now for anyone who doesn't know this taxes are expensive!!. Extra $250 just because I was outside U.S. Also, the coupons are only for U.S citizens so I could get no discounts.. So when I bought this Dell Vostro 1500 I was expecting a lot and guess what? I got my moneys worth thats for sure.

The coolest thing about the Dell Website is that it really allows you to customize your computer you are buying so that it is really the right computer for you. The only downside of this is that you may have to do a little research. Once I did that I was astonished. You wouldn't believe how much companys were charging for the same computer I was buying. In some cases $500-$1000 more. You have to really watch out for these things.

I know dell is criticized by many people for there crappy customer care service and all but for me it was really good. The thing that I really liked is that you can go online and actually talk to there representatives and understand them instead of talking to someone who can't speak English on the phone. This was really nice. I think more companys have to do this, It is a very nice feature.

The computer itself is state of the art. It runs fast and boots up everything nice and fast. It starts up in under 1min from pressing the power button. Not bad if i do say so myself. Has all the nice features of Ram, video cards, and processors. These are all configurable though of course on the website.

Now, there are some minor complaints I have about this product. My biggest complaint was the time it actually took for them to get it too me. Now I understand that when I ordered this computer it was new and there was a huge demand for it, But I had to wait 2 weeks before they even began manufacturing it. Now take that and add the extra week once it was shipped.. 3 weeks.Try waiting that long for a brand new computer... it will kill you! My only other complaint was with the coupons and how only U.S citizens can use them but I guess thats understandable to some degree seeing as thats where they come from.

Overall this was a great purchase and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. This thing is a beast. Also, I'd like to mention the fact that if you buy this computer the speakers are amazing. The best I have ever heard on any laptop. It is a must. So if you are shopping for a computer I would recommend you take a look at this one. Take a Look at the Dell Vostro 1500 it will be worth your time.

If you still wanna read a bit more on reviews go to">

They have a more in depth review and offer many deals if you click on the headlines ''Laptop Deals'' and ''Coupons''. It also has a good community in the forum and is a good read for getting other people's opinions. If you'd like to add anything please comment or if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them.


Soleh said...

Thanks for your info. I'm looking to buy a new laptop for the time being and I'm eyeing which have 4MB L2 cache or higher..but really need to see my budget too..huuhu..Thanks for the notebook review link.

Rob said...

Yea, i used that website to help choose the best computer I could get for my money. Thanks for the comment.