Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What Is Talent?

I got inspired to write this little bit from all the people who always say that they cannot do something simply because they claim that they are not born with the ability to do so. In other words ''talent''. I personally think talent is one of the most often misunderstood things in this world today.

I was watching hockey the other day with my dad and one of the rookie all stars scored a goal. My dad comments on this by saying that these players are amazing. I respond with ''It's because they spend there whole life practicing this, if you practiced hockey your whole entire life you would be good like them too.'' Now, my dads reaction to this comment made me very angry in a sense. He tells me that no, it's something that you are born with. Those are some really inspiring words to hear..

This reaction in a sense did not really surprise me because the average person thinks this way. They think that you need to be blessed and born with this so called ''Talent'' in order to achieve great things in life. This is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard anybody say. When someone is born they are given the same tools everyone else begins with are they not? Theres always the rare case that someone is born with a disability or something but in a sense everyone is born the same way right? So if we all have the same tools to begin with how is it that some others seem to be more ''Talented?'' It's very quite simple actually.

PRACTICE. If you practice something and put your mind to it you can do anything you possibly dream of. If this is real why is it that talent is often referred to as this. It could quite possibly be thought this way because everyone needs an excuse. If talent is something you are born with it gives you a perfect excuse to say why you have not achieved your dreams. Simply because you can't. Simply because you don't believe you can. Simply because you have not pursued your dreams.

People need to realize that the reason the greats of today and yesterday are as good as they are is because they pursue there goals and practice. If you do something enough times you will for sure achieve what you want. Think of a rock star as an example. Why is the rock star so famous? Is it because he was just born with his ability? Was he just born being able to play his instrument? OR is it just because hes played his instrument for 20 years of his life? I'm sure the answer is starting to become more obvious.

This seems like such a common sense thing but its not. There are people who do believe that they cannot do something simply because they have no talent. Talent in my books does not exist. It just makes no sense. Talent if anything is something you obtain in life not before you start it. If anyone says you can't do something it's simply because they have used the excuse that so many other people have before. Don't let anyone tell you that your wrong. If you want to do something in your life all you have to do is believe and persevere. If you do this you will obtain what you want and you will have no excuse. All you have to do is believe.

I hope this Post has opened some people eyes and hears because I used to think this way myself. It was just recently that I found out the truth. I feel this is a subject that really needs to be talked about so if you have some feelings towards this please comment. Even if it's totally against everything I have said here. I want to hear YOUR EXCUSE.

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Soleh said...

Yeah, I agreed. If we strive for it, we will get the "talent".Thanks for the inspire post Rob